Problems With Implants

Capsular ContractureThe woman in this photo wants to look sexy, but there is something wrong with her breasts.  Large breasts should not have an inch between them in the middle.  Natural breasts are supposed to have a cleavage line if they are large.

The unnatural look of this woman’s breasts is a sure sign of breast implant problems.  The woman in the photo seems to have a bad case of capsular contracture, which is the most common complication from breast implants.  And, it looks like her breasts are also too big for her body, which is probably going to cause back and shoulder pain that could become permanent.

ALCL and Breast Implants: 2017 Update This short update focuses on the latest information published in a cancer journal in 2013 and 2014.
Cancer of the Immune System (ALCL) in 173 Women with Breast Implants Diana Zuckerman, PhD, National Center for Health Research In 2015, plastic surgeons who have been well known for defending the safety of breast implants published a study of 173 women with cancer of the immune system caused by breast implants. [1]   The study was paid for by a plastic surgery medical association and written by plastic […]
Breast Implants and Cancer of the Immune System (ALCL): What We Knew in 2014 This overview summarizes the growing evidence that breast implants can cause a very rare cancer of the immune system.
FDA Agrees With WHO, Links Breast Implants To Rare Cancer. How Worried Should Women Be? The FDA says it now agrees with the World Health Organization that such cases of ALCL cancer are linked to the breast implants and not some unfortunate coincidence
Can breast implants cause cancer? WJLA investigates Of all the potential side effects of breast implants, she did not recall her surgeon ever mentioning a small but increased risk of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.
After Mastectomies, an Unexpected Blow: Numb New Breasts Dane’e McCree decided to have her breasts removed. Her doctor assured her that surgery would spare her nipples and leave her with natural-looking breasts.
Sientra’s Silimed Brand “Gummy Bear” Silicone Gel Breast Implants Pose Safety Questions Mingxin Chen, MHS and Diana Zuckerman, PhD, The National Center for Health Research In December 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Sientra’s for its “Silimed silicone gel breast implants.” These implants are also called “gummy breast implants” because they are made of a thicker gel that is said to resemble candy gummy bears. […]
Why are celebrities removing their breast implants? Every now and then, a new celebrity is in the news after announcing her decision to remove her breast implants. They speak out about the importance of loving yourself the way you are, they post some Instagram pictures of “the new me,” and the public eagerly reads the related articles in tabloid magazines.