Problems With Implants

The woman in this photo wants to look sexy, but there is something wrong with her breasts.  Large breasts should not have an inch between them in the middle.  Natural breasts are supposed to have a cleavage line if they are large. The unnatural look of this woman’s breasts is a sure sign of breast implant problems.  The woman in the photo seems to have a bad case of capsular contracture, which is the most common complication from breast implants.  And, it looks like her breasts are also too big for her body, which is probably going to cause back and shoulder pain that could become permanent.
Breast Implants and Cancer of the Immune System (ALCL) - by Maura Duffy, BA Updated January 2014   For many years, women with breast implants were assured by implant companies, plastic surgeons, and the FDA that breast implants did not cause breast cancer or any other type of cancer. Evidence of a link to some types of cancer and to autoimmune diseases, including studies conducted [...]
New Research on Silicone Breast Implants and Unexplained Symptoms - A study published in 2013 sheds light on the signs and symptoms that many women with silicone implants experience, and suggests that removing the implants can improve the women’s health dramatically.
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