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This website is your best source for information about breast implants. Unlike most breast implant websites, we are not selling you anything. That means the information on our website is not paid for by plastic surgeons or breast implant makers who want you as customers. Created by the scientists at the nonprofit National Center for Health Research, this website provides the most accurate information available, so that you can make choices that are best for you.

Whether you are considering breast augmentation or thinking about breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, we will guide you through the decision making process, explain what you can expect after surgery, and help with any questions you might have. If you already have breast implants and are experiencing problems, we can help with that too.

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Did you know it might be possible to get health insurance coverage for breast implant removal? We’re glad to report that Aetna (GA, NC, PA), Aultcare (OH), Anthem Blue Cross (CA), Anthem BCBS (MO, OH, VA), Blue Cross Blue Shield (AR, CA, FL, NC, NJ, NM, MT, TN, TX, WA), Cigna (CO, TX, UT), Empire (NY), HealthLink (IL), Horizon BCBS (NJ), Humana (FL, WI), Kaiser Permanente (CA, WA), Moda (WA), and United Healthcare (CA, NC, TX) are some of the health insurance companies that have agreed to cover the medically necessary removal of breast implants for women with leaking silicone gel implants, painful breasts, and some other serious complications.

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