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Welcome to the Breast Implant Information Project, a website sponsored by the National Center for Health Research. The National Center for Health Research is a not-for-profit organization that provides you with health information that can improve the lives of you and your family, and gives a voice to people and ideas that would otherwise not be heard. For example, women who consider breast implants for either augmentation or reconstruction after mastectomy tell us that we provided unbiased information that they could not find anywhere else. Think of us as a voice you can trust that provides information you can use.

Throughout our country, there are products, programs, and policies that have the potential to save lives and improve the quality of life for many of us. There are also products that have risks that are not adequately explained in TV commercials, advertisements, or in conversations with most health professionals.  We use objective, research-based information that consumers and patients can use to help them make decisions.  This information can help you know what questions to ask when talking to your doctor.  Or in the case of cosmetic procedures, it can help you decide on your own.

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For more information about a wide range of other health issues affecting women, men, teens, and children, visit www.center4research.org

We can be reached at:
National Center for Health Research
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The best way to reach us is at info@breastimplantinfo.org  If email is not an option, our toll free helpline is (844) 295-2212

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What is the Breast Implant Information Project?

Why is the Breast Implant Information Project needed?

The National Center for Health Research and our Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund have been designated as one of America’s Best Charities because we are audited every year and keep our fundraising costs and administrative costs extremely low (less than 3%!) . That means that your donation is spent on programs to help adults and children, not on mailings or ads